Fresh vegetables - fresh from the field.
Healthy food for you.

A new vegetable-growing project bringing freshness, intense flavours and variety to our kitchen. Some locals are growing together over hundred varieties of vegetables in a location just 500m from our Residenz.

Through the pure, near-natural method of cultivation it is possible to prepare delicious food from every part of the vegetable: for example, using radish leaf for pesto or salad, as well as pea shoots, kale roots and much more. This is how nature tastes like!

Our guests can harvest personally these tasty vegetables together with the gardener Erich - our free service for you!
From Monday until Friday from 8-12am.

Dad Leimegger has its own herbal garden with a great variety of different types of herb. I would suggest you to try them out and maybe to use them for your cooking during your holiday.

Family Leimegger
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South Tyrol - Italy
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