Why sustainability is so important to us?

Our nature. Our home. What makes us proud. We protect and preserve it as a matter of course. A matter of honor. For this reason, clean electricity from our own hydropower plant is what flows through the veins of our Residence Feldmühle.

We kindly invite our guests to share with us this spirit of sustainability.

SPA slippers:
You can help us by bringing your own SPA slippers. This way we can avoid tons of (mono-use) slippers waste.

Avoid plastic waste - plastic bottles:
We kindly ask you to buy glass bottles for your drinks. You can buy cases of water or other beverages (bottles) from us. We will return the empties for you. To fair prices - let´s do it for the environment!
FYI: our tab water is the healthiest and most natural one. It comes directly from your mountains!

More details on waste separation...
it is very strictly handled in our region. Please separate: paper, metal, glass, plastic, organic waste and residual waste. The garbage containers are behind the residence. On your departure please put your garbage separate in each container. Thank you!

Fresh vegetables from our field TAUFRISCH (summer)
Zero Food Miles - a project where we are part of to grow local veggies, herbs and fruits. Choose your products fresh from the field and cook them on your own in your apartment.




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